School Excursion Program

School Excursion Program

Bring the classroom to Mulligans Flat with our School Excursion Program.

What we offer:

Guided Bush Walk

Join one of our ecologists for a 1.5 hour guided bush walk inside the predator proof fence at Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary. Students will learn about our native wildlife, conservation and the research projects being carried out in the Sanctuary. Charges are $6 per student

(including GST).


Bettong Talk and Walk

Students get the opportunity to meet our hand-raised ambassador bettong at our Sanctuary HQ before they head out to the woodlands for a Guided Bush Walk. Charges are $10 per student (GST inclusive).




Twilight Tour 

Our ecologist will take students deep into Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary to experience the endangered woodlands after dark. Students will learn about the special nocturnal wildlife that call the Sanctuary home then head out into the woodlands to search for the elusive animals of the night. Charges are $20 per student (including GST). Tours start 30mins before sunset and run for about 2 hours.



OR we can come to you!


Meet a bettong and learn about conservation

kate and berry

Enjoy this unique opportunity to engage students in ecosystems science though meeting our bettong. We discuss human impacts on the environment and how our scientists are learning about these impacts and working to restore the ecosystem. Through our ‘Ambassador’ bettong we tell the story of how all living things, including plants and animals, depend on each other and the environment to survive. We also provide field guides to local species to help inspire students to explore their landscapes long after we leave the class room. The reintroduction of the eastern bettong is a real success story and it is a fantastic way to share the story of bettongs and conservation more broadly. Charges are $5 per student (including GST). Click here for more information.


We can tailor these activities to any age group.

For further information please contact Millie at


Primary School learning resource for younger ages:

For younger ages, we have put together a basic intro to Mulligans Flat that you can present to your class before visiting the sanctuary or meeting a bettong.

The Mulligans Flat Story (younger Primary School)

front cover PS resource high res