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16 Sep

Sanctuary Springtime Action

Spring is the time when our woodlands come to life.


More than 300 people have visited Mulligans Flat in the first two weeks of Spring, through a range of coordinated activities.  Visitors have included school groups, Twilight Tour participants, Turtle Patrol volunteers and Australia’s Threatened Species Commissioner.


There is a lot to report on the goings-on in the Sanctuary:


  • Our reintroduced Eastern Quolls are fostering their young in dens, and collecting more nesting materials with awkwardly bulging pouches (see link to new video below).


  • Our resident bettongs show no sign of letting the new quolls take over, with more than 300 now in the Sanctuary and routinely seen on Twilight Tours.


  • The recent heavy rains flushed out an endangered Striped Legless Lizard (see photos below), which the rangers rescued on our Sanctuary fence.


  • Volunteers have already booked-in for 135 Turtle Patrols between now and December – get in quick for the remaining shifts.


  • To meet the popular demand, our Twilight Tours are now running twice-weekly – every Wednesday and Friday night.


  • Ahead of Floriade, beautiful native wildflowers are putting on a show that will continue until Summer. Our Friends of Mulligans Flat are hosting a free wildflower walk in Little Mulligans Flat on Sunday the 16th of October – meet at 10 am at the Little Mulligans carpark on Mulligans Flat road.


Wildflowers in bloom at Mulligans Flat - Photo by Kate Grarock

Wildflowers in bloom at Mulligans Flat – Photo by Kate Grarock





Photos: Rangers protecting the Sanctuary fence during recent local floods found an endangered Striped Legless Lizard Credit: John Lawler




Jason Cummings General Manager of the Woodlands and Wetlands Trust says:


“It’s great to see the community getting behind the Sanctuary – through volunteering and visiting.


We are developing a Sanctuary to showcase biodiversity, and we can’t do that without welcoming the community in.


Our program of structured and guided activities allows us to balance the protection of the natural values with showing them off”.


Take the first step in saying ‘no to extinction’ by booking a Twilight Tour, and be amazed by our nocturnal native wildlife.  All bookings are now made through


For recent videos captured by ANU ecologists from the Mulligans Flat Goorooyarroo Woodland Experiment team, see: Quolls Breeding in Canberra.


Media contact: Jason Cummings, 0428 460 004