The Secret Life of Critters

The Secret Life of Critters

Help us monitor wildlife in the Sanctuary with The Secret Life of Critters.

Could you spot the difference between a Bettong and Quoll? Become a ‘Citizen Scientist’ with us today!

We have 40 wildlife cameras setup around the Sanctuary snapping pics of animals. These photos have been uploaded to an online program –  DigiVol.


Can we bring the ‘Secret Life of Critters’ to our classrooms?

Yes! One of our rangers will visit your class to show you how we monitor animals in Mulligans Flat and what you can do to help – by becoming a Citizen Scientist.

This activity best suits Years 3 – 8

Cost $12 per student, or $8 per student if 3 or more classes are booked.

If you would like to get your school involved, please email your inquiries to Andrew at

The ‘Secret Life of Critters’ is now live!
If you’d like to help us identify animals, Click Here to Register.

Anyone can join these expeditions from anywhere in the world, all you need is a computer, tablet or phone. Become an honorary citizen scientist by identifying the species in our camera trap images. The more animals spotted, the more we will know about who is living in the Sanctuary, and how our threatened species–like Bettongs and Quolls–are doing.