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04 Aug

Hop into our National Science Week Night Walk

Step back in time 100 years ago before native animals like the Eastern Bettong, Eastern Quoll and Bush Stone-curlew disappeared from the landscape.


To celebrate National Science Week, we are running a special event – a Science Night Walk. On this tour our ecologists will take you deep into the Sanctuary, sharing stories about their life as a scientist, as well as behind-the-scene details of the conservation initiatives making it possible to bring back locally extinct species.


You might be lucky enough to see a tiny sugar glider eating nectar on the top of a eucalyptus tree, Eastern Bettongs hopping and digging through the landscape or hear a Bush Stone-curlew calling in the night.


Bookings are essential.


When: 5:30 – 7:45pm, 18 August

Where: Meeting point is at CNR Quinane Avenue & Justice Kelly Street, Forde ACT 2914

Cost: $20 per person. Book at


Photo by Amanda MacKinnel