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29 Sep

First wild Eastern Quolls born in Canberra in 80 years

We are excited to introduce everyone to the first wild-born Eastern Quolls in Canberra in over 80 years.


After a successful reintroduction of Quolls from Mt Rothwell – Biodiversity Interpretation Centre and Tasmania to Mulligans Flat Sanctuary in February, the Australian National University, Environment and Planning Directorate and Woodlands and Wetlands Trust waited eagerly to see how the threatened marsupials would settle into their new home.


The existence of these little guys means the first phase of the experimental reintroduction is considered a success, as a key aim was to establish a breeding pairs in the Sanctuary.


The ANU team caught these quolls on camera during rigorous monitoring of the critters. Although these are the only bunch to be confirmed, we know that four other females earlier showed signs of breeding. This means we could be expecting four more batches of adorable spotted babies very soon.


Well done to everyone involved in this groundbreaking reintroduction.