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30 Nov

Congratulations to our Churchill Fellow

Today we welcome the news that our General Manager, Dr Jason Cummings, has been awarded a Churchill Fellowship.


Churchill Fellowships provide an opportunity for talented Australians to travel overseas in search of new ideas, innovation and excellence. Churchill Fellows themselves are ordinary Australians with extraordinary abilities and aspirations.


Jason plans to travel to the United Kingdom next year to engage with leading conservation organisations, in an effort to understand the ingredients that have led to their long-term success:


“I am most grateful for the opportunity, and very excited to be able to experience first-hand these internationally renowned projects”

“There is always more to learn, and I am particularly looking forward to meeting like-minded people and exploring sites, programs and facilities that can help shape the future of our exciting projects in Canberra”


While Europe has a longer history of environmental degradation than Australia, it also has a longer history of conservation programs. It is home to established and successful organisations like the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust, Trees for Life and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.


Engaging with Conservation Trusts in the United Kingdom will provide insights into the right mix of legislative, policy, business operations, partnership, land tenure and community support arrangements. The lessons learned on Jason’s trip, will be valuable when securing funding arrangements and establishing conservation initiatives in Australia.


Our president, Alison Russell-French, explains:


“This is a great opportunity for Jason to expand his knowledge and understanding of the important role that the non-government sector can play in the conservation of our unique and special natural places.

Exposure to the operations and arrangements of other organisations will enhance the great work that Jason is doing as General Manager of the Woodlands and Wetlands Trust. We are all delighted that Jason has been recognised in this way and know that he will benefit enormously from the experience offered to him through the Churchill Fellowship.”


More broadly, this project will help to inform the Australian conservation community about other efficient models – adding value to government- and community-lead public programs.


We congratulate Jason on his award and look forward to gaining innovative insights for our local organisation.


Media contact: Elsie Percival, 0432 574 887,


Jason releases an Eastern Bettong into Mulligans Flat during annual monitoring of the species.

Jason releases an Eastern Bettong into Mulligans Flat during annual monitoring of the species.