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07 Mar

Our artist in residence, Georgia Black, showcases her Mulligans Flat inspired work inside the sanctuary in ‘Autonomy’.

Last Thursday’s Art in the Sanctuary was a magical night of celebration, with Georgia’s art inspiring many new visitors to Mulligans Flat. For those that missed out, below is a series of photographs that captured the exhibition in its transition from day to night.




In this series of ceramics I aimed to create something that was tactile and an immersive experience for the viewer, mirroring the way in which Mulligans Flat

Sanctuary is an immersive experience for visitors. It is a wild environment but safe from predators, contained but one can easily get lost.

By night, the sanctuary comes alive and countless pairs of eyes can be seen shining back at you, reflecting the torchlight in your hand. It is a time to listen carefully for the slightest sound, while trying to make not a whisper yourself.

By day, evidence of the evening’s activity is made visible. Diggings, scratchings, patterns and textures set a vibrant scene for the songs of the skies inhabitants.

These works contain some of the textures of the environment, while mimicking the delicate but sturdy ecosystem that is in place. The clay has been worked until it reaches the delicate stage of holding its form and falling back onto itself. They are hand-built objects, inspired by the protected environment that is Mulligans Flat and the autonomy of the wildlife that live there.