About Us

About Us

Our Objectives

Restore ecological processes

• To restore within the Sanctuary, woodland habitats and self-sustaining ecological processes that would have existed before European settlement.

Maintain a feral predator-free Sanctuary

• To maintain a Sanctuary that is free of introduced predators allowing the reintroduction of locally extinct native fauna species that are characteristic of box-gum grassy woodlands.
• To provide founder populations of such species for restoration projects elsewhere.

National Significance

• To create a nationally significant, community-led conservation project where research and learning are integral to restoration actions and conservation management practices.

Research, education and participation

• To support and explain research into the ecology of woodlands including the scientific bases for woodland recovery and the reintroduction of locally extinct species.
• To facilitate, through education, recreation and tourism activities, changed attitudes and values towards natural environments, especially woodlands.
• To support participation by community groups and individuals in Sanctuary activities leading to ‘ownership’ of woodland environments by the wider community.

A catalyst for change

• To act as a catalyst for change in thinking and action towards conservation and restoration of box-gum grassy woodlands in the landscapes of the surrounding region.

Our Vision

The Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary will provide a safe haven, where a healthy box-gum woodland can thrive and ‘wildness’ dominate.

It will sustain a representative diversity of woodland plants and animals and inspire respect for and understanding of the beauty, species and ecological processes of Australia’s woodlands.

The Sanctuary will provide an excellent scientific setting for those studying woodlands and ecosystem restoration, and, through educational and eco-visitor opportunities, transform the perceptions and values of visitors to Canberra and the community of the Australian Capital Region.

Mulligans Flat Woodlands

ACT Government

The ACT Government remains the owner of the land and supports the Sanctuary through its land management, wildlife research and nature conservation agencies:

• The ACT Parks and Conservation Service
• Conservation Planning and Research

These agencies provide in-kind staffing support for management of the Sanctuary through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the Woodland and Wetlands Conservation Trust. Park Rangers maintain the Sanctuary fence and are responsible for the full range of land management activities normally carried out in nature reserves. In addition Rangers conduct walks for visitors and school groups and provide operational assistance with the ecological research programs.

Responsibility for the development, management and research at the Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary is expected to evolve over time and respond to its changing needs.

Australian National University (ANU)

Australian National University

The ANU leads the research partnership with the ACT Government, CSIRO, James Hutton Institute and other organisations and collaborators. More information can be found at http://www.mfgowoodlandexperiment.org.au/index.html.